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New /Updated Rules

Replacement Players During Regular Season
If a team loses a player for any reason during the regular season, that team has 1x week to find a replacement.

Teams are encouraged to replace dropped players with equally skilled players.

The replacement player must pay and play right away.

After 1x week, if the player has not been replaced, the league will assign a replacement if one is available.

Replacement players have to play minimum 5x regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.
Shootouts in Regular Season Games (no more shootouts in playoffs)
  • The Visiting teams shoots first.
  • Each team puts 3 shooters on the ice. Teams alternate through those 3 shooters in any order, each shooter shooting once.
  • If the game is not decided after the first 3 shooters, another player from each team shoots, repeat until a winner is declared
  • No shooter may shoot twice before all players on their team have shot
  • no player may shoot twice in a row under any circumstance.
Skating Players from another team:  Any team playing a game with any player not on that teams official roster shall forfeit the game. Backup goalies are exempt.
5 Goal Mercy Rule / Running Clock Option: If during the 3rd period any team is down by 5 goals, they can choose to switch to running time to end the game sooner.
Equipment: All players must wear equipment approved by the CSA, especially helmets.

4-on-4 play for games with limited players:  If any team only has the minimum 5 skaters plus goalie, and if the opposing team agrees to it, the game may be played out 4-on-4.

Timeouts in Regular Season: Each team may call a single 1:00min timeout at any time during a game.
Red Line Icing: We are trying the traditional centre line icing rule this season.
Playoff Overtime: 3:00 Stop time overtime period added to Playoffs games, before going to shoot out.

Most important goal of the BFHL is to deliver a friendly, safe and enjoyable hockey experience.
No Fighting. 
Any players involved in a fight will be ejected from the game and suspended indefinitely.
No body checking.
Any incidents of body checking will be considered a non-fighting major penalty and the player will be ejected from the game and suspended indefinitely. (Read non-fighting major penalties below)
No slap shots above the knee.
Any slap shots taken with a stick raised above the knee will result in a whistle and faceoff in the offenders end.

Penalties & Suspensions

All suspensions will be dealt with individually.
Any player may be removed permanently at anytime, in the best interest of the league.

Non-Aggressive Minor Penalties

No game misconducts, players serve penalties as normal.

Aggressive Minors  An aggressive Minor Penalty is defined as any minor penalty except: tripping, holding, hooking, too many men, unsportsmanlike conduct, delay of game interference and body contact. (Body Contact is not the same as Body Checking)

3x Aggressive Minors will result in an automatic game misconduct and ejection from the game.

Non-fighting Major Penalties
All Non-Fighting Major penalties will result in ejection from the game and the player is suspended indefinitely.

Leaving The Bench / Returning to the Ice / 3 rd Man In

Any player that leaves the players bench during an altercation will be ejected from the game and suspended indefinitely.

Any player that has been ejected from the game and has left the ice and then returns for any reason will be suspended indefinitely.

Match Penalties

The league will review each match penalty separately. The player is immediately suspended indefinitely.

Gross Misconduct Penalites

The league will review each gross misconduct penalty separately. The player is immediately suspended indefinitely.

Abuse of Officials or Timekeepers

The player is immediately suspended indefinitely.

Playing Suspended Players

Any team that allows a player that is under suspension to play will default the game that the player participates in, and the players original suspension is doubled.

Regular Season Standings & Tie Breaker Rule


Regular season standings are based on the following points system;

Win:                 2 points

Shoot Out Loss:   1 point

Loss:                no points

If at the conclusion of the season 2 teams are tied for points their final position in the standings will be determined as follows;
currently under review
Timing for Regular Season Games
5:00 minute warmup followed by 3x 10:00 Minute Stop Time periods.

Timeouts in Regular Season
Each team is allowed 1x 1:00min timeout during each game. The timeout may be called during any stop in play, by any player on or off the ice. Players calling a timeout need to get the attention of the referee and the ref will call the timeout, and blow his whistle when the timeout is over.


Timeouts in Playoffs
Each team is allowed 1x 1:00min timeout during each playoff game.
Overtime in Playoff Games

Playoff games tied at the end of the third period will be decided by as many 10:00 min stop time, sudden death periods as required.


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